Research & Development (R&D)

Hibernia0607031011Development of methods and innovation are vital to enhance the efficiency of
design solutions in increasingly demanding environmental conditions.
Additionally,design methods are required to be constantly improved
meeting higher demands on functionality and streamlining.
For this purpose we participate in R&D projects together with our business
partners and/or educational institutes.




Concrete Structures AS is involved in several ongoing projects in Research and Development (R & D), including:

BIA project – DACS – Durable Advanced Concrete Solutions

The DACS project includes developing knowledge, methods and tools that enable sustainable and competitive concrete structures withstanding rigorous conditions in Arctic-marine environment. CS is both sponsor and key technical contributor to the work package that deals with crack width calculation and criteria for design. Other topics that are covered in the project is frost-resistant concrete, abrasion due to ice, and ductility of lightweight concrete.
The project is led by Kvaerner and supported by the Norwegian Research Council.

LORCENIS – Long Lasting Reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions

LORCENIS is a European research project whose main objective is to develop concrete materials for different types of infrastructure in the energy and transport sector. Focus is given particularly to improved durability, extended service life and reduced maintenance costs. CS provides technical assistance to the project in collaboration with Kvaerner.
The project is coordinated by SINTEF.