Follo Line – EPC Ski
Bane NOR
May 2017 –
CS possessing role of Discipline lead structures

Myrvoll Station – Detail engineering
JM Norge AS – Sweco
August 2017 – May 2018
CS had the role of Engineering Manager for Torgkvalet.

Biterudhagen – Detail engineering
Axer Eiendom AS – Sweco
April 2017 – February 2018
CS had the role of Engineering Manager.

Midtre Romerike Avløpsselskap – MIRA IKS – New wastewater treatment plant
MIRA IKS – Sweco
April 2016 – November 2016
CS had the role of Construction Manager.

Øymerd™ – Konseptdevelopment, Fase 1 and Fase 2 (FEED incl/ Model tank test)
Bemlotek AS
January 2015 – July 2018
CS is responsible for all technical design.

Hebron GBS Project – Follow on
Kiewit – Kvaerner – Exxon Mobil
December 2014 – August 31. 2017
CS had most of the key roles for Follow on.

Hebron GBS Project – Detail Design
Kiewit – Kvaerner – Exxon Mobil
April 2012 – November 28 2014
CS had most of the key roles for concrete design and interface.

Hebron GBS Project – FEED
Kiewit – Kvaerner – Exxon Mobil
Feed (Front End Engineering and Design) completed.
Building of design team in St. John’s, autumn 2011/winter 2012, completed.
Key roles and leadership for the work performed by CS.

Sakhalin 1 Arkutun Dagi – GBS DE
Aker Engineering & Technology AS – Exxon Mobil Excuting roles as Eng. Mgr., Civil Disc. Eng. Mgr., Project Manager, Interface Coordinator, Group Design Leads.

Ivar Aasen Jacket Feed
Kværner – Det Norske
January 2012 – September 2012
CS was responsible for all structural analysis performed for temporary and operational phases for the steel jacket. All analyses were performed with the DNV GL Sesam software.