Per Nørgaard Sørensen, P. Eng

Title: Senior Advisor

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Phone: +47 959 40 641

Engineering degree (MSc.) from Aalborg University Center in 1985. Employed with Dr.techn.Olav Olsen a.s. from 1985 to February 2011. Per has, as many of the others in CS, experience as group leader and construction site representative from a number of major offshore concrete projects. Some examples are:

  • Gullfaks C GBS
  • Sleipner A GBS
  • Draugen GBS
  • Troll GBS
  • Hibernia GBS
  • Sakhalin II LUN-A GBS
  • Sakhalin 1 GBS
  • Hebron GBS

In addition, Per has many years of experience as project design manager and project manager for both new construction and rehabilitation/renovation projects onshore.

Currently Per is engaged by Bane NOR on the Follo-Line project (EPC Ski). Per is Design Lead for the client of all steel and concrete Structures.