Kåre O. Hæreid, P. Eng

Title: General Manager/Senior Partner

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Phone: +47 951 05 083

Graduated Civil Engineer (BSc.) from Bergen Ingeniør Høyskole in 1978 and (MSc.) from NTNU Trondheim in 1981 (Civil and Marine). Employed with Dr.techn. Olav Olsen a.s. from 1982 to September 2010. Kåre has experience from a number of concept studies and as a group leader, project design manager and project manager from a number of major offshore concrete projects.

Some examples are:

  • Statfjord A
  • Oseberg PQ
  • Gullfaks B
  • Gullfaks C GBS
  • Snorre-Condeep CT
  • Sleipner A GBS
  • Heidrun TLP
  • Hibernia GBS
  • Protetction of the Estonia
  • Åsgård GBS
  • Kletta/SEMO, Semisub. Monohull
  • PNG to Queensland GAS Project
  • MPU Heavy Lifter
  • Marine terminal Angola
  • Sakhalin II LUN-A GBS and PA-B GBS
  • Sakhalin 1 GBS
  • Hebron GBS

In addition, experience from:

  • Statpipe Development Project
  • Fjord crossings. Høgsfjorden og Krifast
  • Fjord crossing. Sulafjorden